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Removal of Jaydess. Jaydess should be removed no later than the end of the third year of use. Jaydess can be easily removed at any time by your healthcare professional, after which pregnancy is possible. Some women feel dizzy or faint during or after Jaydess is removed. You may experience some pain and bleeding during removal of Jaydess Your coil can be removed at any time by a trained doctor or nurse. It's simpler than having it fitted - they will use a gently pull on the threads and the T shape folds up and it can be pulled out of the womb Jaydess is removed by gently pulling on the threads with a forceps. If the threads are not visible and the system is found to be in the uterine cavity on ultrasound exam, it may be removed using a narrow forceps. This may require dilatation of the cervical canal or surgical intervention The Jaydess IUS provides protection from pregnancy for three years and must be removed by your doctor after this time (It can be removed earlier than this if required). If you still want to use.. Jaydess can be distinguished from Mirena and Kyleena by the combination of the visibility of the silver ring on ultrasound and the brown colour of the removal threads. Jaydess can be used for up to 3 years in the indication contraception

After nearly a year of having the Jaydess coil fitted, I had it removed on Tuesday. I was advised to have this as I suffer from menstrual migraines. Thankfully they stopped and so did my periods but the side affects have made my year very unpleasant. I would rather take the migraine medication and suffer the migraine Jaydess används för att förhindra graviditet (preventivmedel) i upp till tre år. Jaydess är ett T-format livmoderinlägg som efter insättning i livmodern långsamt frigör en liten mängd av hormon et levonorgestrel.. Jaydess verkar genom att minska den månatliga tillväxten av livmoderslemhinnan och genom att göra sekret et i livmoderhalsen tjockare Jaydess consists of a drug core matrix mounted on a polyethylene T-frame (28mm x 30mm x 1.55mm) that also contains barium sulphate and a silver ring to aid in detection and differentiation by ultrasound and x-ray.3 It has a smaller frame and narrower insertion tube compared with Mirena (Bayer), a levonorgestrel IUS launched in 1995.4,5 The drug reservoir of Jaydess contains 13.5mg. The coil I'd chosen was the 'Jaydess', a hormonal coil which is smaller than the Mirena and lasts 3 years rather than 5. I made this choice because I was attracted to the smaller size (which supposedly meant for easier insertion) and smaller amount of hormones (which I hoped meant less side effects) that came with the Jaydess

By L. Matytsina-Quinlan Despite Jaydess levonorgestrel intrauterine system (LNG-IUS) being introduced to UK users in 2014, there are no recent publications regarding Jaydess use. My recently published manuscript, Jaydess audit standards and benefits, is a result of a small audit. This audit is an important first step towards increasing clinical use because more robust data are required to. Really good BUT towards the end of the 3 years (I've had two now) I kept getting bacterial vaginosis - on removal both times a little piece of tampon has been stuck to the string which was causing the recurrence In particular, removal of JAYDESS should be considered if venous thromboembolic disease such as deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism occurs. Women with a history of thromboembolic disorders should be made aware of the possibility of a recurrence

Jaydess and its effects, after removal, on menstrual cycle: Hello everybody Recently my husband and I decided to start trying for a pregnancy. I had a Jaydess removed early this month only 7 days after my period had started and I found myself bleeding the next day. The bleeding lasted for 5 or six days, and I was totally confused by it. It looked like menses but my guess is that. Published on: 1 April 2014 File size: 165kb PDF File type: New Product Reviews Author: FSRH Clinical Effectiveness Unit (CEU) Jaydess® is a levonorgestrel intrauterine system (LNG-IUS) newly launched in the UK for contraception Jaydess® is the smallest hormone coil available and contains a low dose of hormone. Your midwife/physician inserts it into your uterus, where it protects against unwanted pregnancy. By slowly releasing a low dose of the progestogen hormone levonorgestrel locally in the uterus, daily for up to 3 years, you will not have to think about daily, weekly or monthly administration

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These allow easy removal and allow you or your doctor to check that the system is in place. Jaydess is used for the prevention of pregnancy. It is placed inside the womb where it slowly releases the hormone over a period of three years or until it is removed. The hormone in Jaydess prevents pregnancy by: controlling the monthl No delay in return to fertility post removal although there may be a delay in return of regular periods with women using Mirena, Kyleena or Jaydess. 6x risk of pelvic infection in first 3 weeks of fitting. Booking a coil fitting or change. Please ask reception for a swab which you do yourself: the instructions are on the swab packet The IUS (intrauterine system) is a hormonal contraceptive inserted into the womb (uterus). It prevents an egg implanting and may prevent fertilisation. It's sometimes called the hormonal coil

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  1. ute consultation with consultant gynaecologist; Full history taking and pelvic exa
  2. Jaydess ®: contains 13.5 mg If ALOs are seen on a swab or smear, removal of the device is not indicated if the woman is asymptomatic. If symptoms of pelvic pain occur in conjunction with the presence of ALOs, other causes of infection should be considered and removal of the device may be advisable
  3. The hormonal coil, also known as the IUS (intrauterine system) is a small T-shaped plastic device that sits in your womb and releases the progestogen hormone. IUD (non hormonal intrauterine systems) are similar but they don't release any hormones
  4. If you would like to have an IUD/IUS fitted, we strongly recommend that you watch this short film, as it gives you all the information you need about intra-u..

Information about Jaydess® (13.5mg Levonorgestrel intrauterine system). Women's Health Matters is developed by Bayer for ROI healthcare professionals onl Coil removal is generally a comfortable and easy procedure, and there are not normally any complications. Risks and precautionary measures. At times, problems may occur during the removal of an IUD. Incomplete removal. There is a small chance that the IUD may not expel completely Intrauterine contraception is available as either copper-containing intrauterine devices (Cu-IUDs) or a levonorgestrel intrauterine system (LNG-IUS).1 Until recently the Mirena® LNG-IUS (Bayer plc) which contains 52 mg levonorgestrel has been the only licensed LNG-IUS available in the UK. Jaydess® (Bayer plc) is a LNG-IUS that was launched in the UK market in April 2014 Jaydess and smaller than Mirena -After removal, return to baseline fertility is rapid. -an be used by those who cannot/ do not wish to use estrogen containing methods including breastfeeding users. -Users likely have a gradual reduction in amount/ number of bleeding days. -Smaller physical frame size than the Mirena After removal of JAYDESS, the system should be examined to ensure that it is intact. JAYDESS Data Sheet Vx3.0, CCDS 12 3 . 4.2.3 Special populations Paediatric population The safety profile of JAYDESS observed in a study of 304 post-menarcheal adolescents wa

There are two brands of IUS hormonal coil available in the UK - the Mirena coil lasts for five years, and the Jaydess coil for three years. It can be removed at any time by a trained doctor or nurse, but you must use condoms as well or abstain from sex for 7 days prior to removal. Why it works The jaydess coil has made me feel myself again for the past 3 years. I'd occasionally experience the usual PMS symptoms, some cramping and mood swings around this time but no more than I usually would on my period and usually just some light spotting around the time of my period The IUS, also know by it's brand name Mirena, is a hormone-containing contraceptive device that's also good for treating period problems. Find out how it works. Used for birth control JAYDESS: Common or Proper name: Levonorgestrel: Company Name: BAYER INC: Market Status: CANCELLED POST MARKET: Active Ingredient(s) LEVONORGESTREL: Strength(s) 13.5MG: Dosage form(s) INSERT (EXTENDED-RELEASE) Route of administration: INTRAUTERINE: Packaging size: 1's: ATC code: G02BA: ATC description: CONTRACEPTIVES FOR TOPICAL USE: Reason for.

and to the distributor cap or ignition coil(s). • Remove the distributor cap and carefully check the cap and distributor rotor for faults. • Remove the spark plugs and check for excessive wear or other visible faults. Replace if needed. 11 Ignition System Diagnosis Photo Sequence. 1 To remove the helicoil, take a small triangular jeweler's file and file a small notch in the top ring of the helicoil about 15° back from the end of the coil. Then stick a 3 cornered scraper(or a sharpend screwdriver, or the tool helicoil sells, etc) down into the coil and engage the notch you just filed Retaining coils for longer than they are licensed doesn't cause health problems, so it is usually fine to delay removing or changing them but it is recommended that you start another contraceptive method such as condoms or progesterone only pill from the time your IUD/IUS goes out of date

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I had the coil removed 3 days ago as we are going to try for another baby. The removal itself wasn't much worse than the insertion although I did feel a bit faint afterwards. I've been searching for advice online about what side effects to expect and have found very little professional advice and have ended up here on this forum According to its manufacturer, Mirena IUDs are over 99 percent effective at stopping pregnancy.If you do get pregnant while on a Mirena IUD, its removal may cause pregnancy loss to occur. If your. These IUDs are small, easily inserted by a healthcare provider and highly effective. Removal is typically a simple procedure that only takes a few minutes. Short-term effects sometimes occur but true complications of IUD removal are rare. Bleeding and Cramping. A small amount of vaginal bleeding or spotting and cramping can occur after IUD removal A lost coil occurs when the thread cannot be felt by a woman on routine checking and is not seen on speculum examination. Bayer markets Skyla as Jaydess in the United Kingdom. Jaydess releases six micrograms per day and lasts for three years. Removal of the device should also be performed by a qualified medical practitioner

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Coils keep working at the same level until it's time to change them. The effectiveness doesn't go down with the number of years a coil is used for; Infertility. Coils should not affect fertility and you can get pregnant as soon as your coil is removed. Long-term use of a coil isn't related to infertilit Try to look at the differences that you do know of though, Jaydess lasts 3 years, you will probably still have periods, less pain on insertion, has a smaller hormone dose and is cheaper. Mirena lasts 5 years, usually your period will stop (and symptoms), and it's tried and true as it's been on the market a long time MICTUNING 13 Pcs Auto Trim Removal Tool Set with Fastener Removers Strong Nylon Door Panel Tool Kit. 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,515. $13.93 $ 13. 93 $18.99 $18.99. Get it as soon as Tomorrow, Apr 15. PZRT Stainless Steel Coil Jig 1.5mm-3.5mm Wick Wire Coil Jig Professional Micro Coil Tool. 4.7 out of 5 stars 11. $6.99 $ 6. 99. Get it as soon as. The hormonal coil (usually Mirena or Jaydess) If it is thought they are, they can easily remove the coil and most symptoms will fully resolve. Cosmopolitan UK Getty Images

Removal of existing coil if required. Detailed written report emailed or posted to you and your GP; Prescription arrangement; Direct access for any urgent health concerns; Our coil fitting package does not include a follow up appointment as we generally refer patients to their GP for follow up The intrauterine system (IUS) is a very effective method of contraception. Some types of IUS may also be used to treat heavy periods (menorrhagia). The IUS sits inside the womb (uterus). Once fitted, it works as a contraceptive for as long as you need it to, up to between three or five years, when it needs to be replaced Comparing Kyleena and Jaydess over 3 years of use, the study reported a 3 year Pearl Index of 0.31 for Kyleena and 0.33 for Jaydess and a cumulative failure rate at 3 years of 1% for Kyleena and 0.9% for Jaydess.8 The phase III study9 did not include Mirena or Levosert. The Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC) fo hi all, had my mirena coil out on monday, and although it pretty much stopped my bleeding during the 18 months i had it in, i did have a cycle of sorts, and i had a short and small bleed the day after my wedding (great timing LOL), on the 16th of october (23 days ago). It lasted about 2 days The removal of a coil takes a few minutes. Similar to a smear test, a speculum is inserted into the vagina, and our trained clinician will look for the coil threads that are coming through the opening of the cervix. Our clinician will gently pull on the treads with forceps to remove it

Contraceptive Coil Removal Procedure. The IUD or IUS coil can be removed anytime you want. However, make sure to get it removed only by a pair of trained and skilled hands. Do not rely on any untrained individual for coil removal under any condition. You can get naturally pregnant once the coil is removed Both the contraceptive coil and implant are invasive contraceptives and you should never try to remove them yourself. Lily Cotton had an IUD fitted two months before the COVID-19 outbreak Coils with hormones: The coil 52mg LNG-IUS (Mirena/Levosert) can be extended for another year and arrangements should be made for the removal/replacement after the COVID-19 crisis is over. Jaydess and Kyleena patients are advised to use condoms or add the Progestogen-only contraceptive pill at end of the license Kawasaki FD590V Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Kawasaki FD590V Service Manua removal of the existing coil and a replacement coil inserted, if your initial symptoms reoccur or if you are using the coil as a contraceptive. How do I know it has not fallen out? You can check your coil yourself by feeling for the threads with your finger through the vagina. It is advised that you check on a monthly basis, this i

The Mirena coil can also significantly reduce the pain associated with periods, endometriosis (when the lining of the womb is found outside the womb), and adenomyosis (when the lining of the womb is found within the muscular wall of the womb, resulting in a bulky uterus). 4 Plus, the Mirena coil is extremely effective at reducing heavy menstrual bleeding (menorrhagia) and can drastically. Discover Mirena® (levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system) IUD. Learn about who is right for Mirena®. See Full Prescribing & Safety Info Also, anyone who wishes to remove their Mirena coil — because menopause has begun, because the coil has expired, or because they wish to change methods of birth control — should see a doctor A doctor or other trained health provider can remove Mirena at any time. Eight out of 10 women who have had their Mirena IUD removed can get pregnant within a year, according to Bayer's Mirena Handbook. Health care providers must remove Mirena if it moves out of place. If a patient is not pregnant, she can get a new IUD inserted If you are using the Mirena coil, it may be difficult to decipher whether your symptoms are due to you entering perimenopause or side effects of the coil. Hormonal blood tests are sometimes used to try and identify whether you're approaching menopause but can be difficult to interpret, as synthetic hormones affect the levels of natural hormones made by the body

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Hormonal coil fitting takes between 15 and 20 minutes. It is usually fit within 7 days after the start of your period. A nurse or gynaecologist will check to make sure you are not pregnant, that you do not have any existing infection in your womb and the size and position of your womb Remove Skyla, if possible, if pregnancy occurs in a woman using Skyla. If Skyla cannot be removed, follow the pregnancy closely [see Warnings and Precautions (5.1, 5.2)]. Studies report no adverse effects on fetal and infant development associated with long-term use of contraceptive doses of oral progestins in a pregnant woman Our products have been approved for use on all Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings products. Our Sherwin-Williams relationship ensures roofing and siding contractors, property owners and maintenance professionals have access to removal products designed to help revitalize and restore metal wall & roofing panels, manufactured products, extrusions and so much more

Authorized Service Provider for consumers located in the US and Canada *If you are an End-User, please follow below procedure when your device (whatever mod series, stick series or refillable pod system) is under warranty. 1. Print and Fill out the RMA form (Link attached) entirely. RMA form 2. Provide a copy of purchase proof like the original receipt as well as verification code on the. For the second coil I spent about 20 minutes priming it, and sucking through the mouthpiece with the caliburn off (this helps soak the cotton). So far it's lasted me over a week without a single issue, the coil still looks brand new. So I guess if you just go ott with the priming, it might extend the life of your coil

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  2. Just one thing - I'm a huge fan of dielectric grease on ignition components BUT discovered - don't use it on BMW coil packs - at least on the N52 engine in the '07 E60. The friction between the lower boot and plug, and the upper boot and the spark plug tube, is all that holds the coil pack in place
  3. View and Download Kawasaki FD611V service manual online. 4-stroke liquid-cooled v-twin gasoline engine. FD611V engine pdf manual download. Also for: Fd501v, Fd590v, Fd440v
  4. With the SMOK Nord, coils are a replaceable commodity. If the coil is dirty through use, it is much easier to just swap in a new coil. You can wash the coil in water but you must have all the water gone before re-using the coil. You also want to l..
  5. Essure removal: Experts in removing Essure coils From January 2008 to May 2014, we performed one hundred and forty-three (143) tubal surgeries to correct either Essure or Adiana sterilization. Of the 143 women who sought treatment from our center, one hundred and thirty-nine (139) had tubal blockage from Essure sterilization and four (4) had tubal [
  6. An intrauterine device (IUD), also known as intrauterine contraceptive device (IUCD or ICD) or coil, is a small, often T-shaped birth control device that is inserted into the uterus to prevent pregnancy.IUDs are one form of long-acting reversible birth control (LARC). One study found that female family planning providers choose LARC methods more often (41.7%) than the general public (12.1%)
  7. The Mirena coil is a type of contraception for women. Some women should not use a Mirena coil after cancer treatment. What the Mirena coil is. The Mirena coil is an intrauterine system (IUS). And although it is similar to a contraceptive coil (IUD) it works in a different way. You have the Mirena coil put into your womb like the contraceptive coil

6 Dry burn the coil to remove droplets of water; How To Clean Your Vape Pen. The list shows how vape pens that do not come in one-piece designs, should be cleaned. 1 Disassemble the Pen. The first step is to unscrew the different components, starting with the heating chamber.Empty any residue in the pen into the rubbish bin An image loading library for Android backed by Kotlin Coroutines. Coil is: Fast: Coil performs a number of optimizations including memory and disk caching, downsampling the image in memory, re-using bitmaps, automatically pausing/cancelling requests, and more.; Lightweight: Coil adds ~2000 methods to your APK (for apps that already use OkHttp and Coroutines), which is comparable to Picasso and.

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The guidewire was removed and a forceps was passed through the catheter until the jaws were clear of the distal edge. The forceps was opened and the proximal ball of the coil was grasped (Fig 2D). Coil removal was achieved by advancing the catheter over the coil while retracting the forceps to straighten the coil as it entered the catheter Replace Ignition Coils on Any Seventies Honda Four By Motorcycle Classics. Tags: how to, january/february 2014, classic japanese motorcycles, When it comes to motorcycle repair, most of us prefer to stay away from electrical problems — and for good reason. Without the benefit of. Occasionally Heli-Coil inserts must be removed. Inserts may be removed manually with little effort. This is done by inserting the blade of the. extracting tool into the Heli- Coil insert so that the V section of the blade is toward the top end of the insert. Strike the head of the tool with a light blow The device is inserted through your cervix into your womb. Two fine threads attached to the bottom of the coil will remain at the top to your vagina. The threads allow you and your gynaecologist to check the device is in place. Coil fitting can be uncomfortable however most women do not experience any pain. After hormonal coil fittin

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  1. Use a T-30 Torx bit to remove the 2 screws that hold the coil pack in place. . Remove the main connector from the coil pack. The connector uses a purple sliding lock tab. Slide that back, away from the coil pack. Then you can squeeze the tab where the 3 grip lines are and wiggle the connector off. . Pull the coil straight up to remove it
  2. Now, you can safely remove the outer pins so the end of the A arm is free. Then you slowly let the jack down again. As it lowers, the coil spring will gradually decompress until there is no force left. Then you can undo the tie-down straps. The lower A arm will probably drop down and the coil spring can be removed
  3. al of the ignition coil with the red measuring tip and the high voltage ter
  4. Unbolt the coil from the intake manifold using the 3/8-inch ratchet and socket. Drill out the rivets holding the coil to the coil bracket using the drill and metal drill bits. Remove the coil from the bracket
  5. Cleaning your coil is simple as the list suggests: 1 Remove the wicks from the coils; 2 Dry burn the coils as lightly as you can; 3 Remove atomizer from your mod; 4 Place the atomizer under running water while lightly brushing with a toothbrush; 5 Rinse one more time; 6 Dry burn the coil to remove droplets of wate
  6. Locate the ignition coils on top of the engine. They will be attached to the engine block or surrounding components. Step 3: Disconnect and remove the old ignition coil. You will need to disconnect the bolts or screws attaching the coil to the vehicle. You will also need to disconnect the electrical connectors from the coil

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  1. 12. Using compressor field coil remover (Special Tool 9354 in Kit 9349) (1) and a two jaw puller (2), remove the clutch field coil (3) from the front of the A/C compressor (4). INSTALLATION 1. Position the A/C clutch field coil (1) squarely onto the front of the A/C compressor (2). CAUTION: Position the A/C clutch field coil so that the coil
  2. Remove preload spacers to decrease preload and increase sag. Install preload spacers to increase preload and decrease sag. Spring preload can be used to fine tune sag, but preload does not change coil spring rate and is not a substitute for the proper coil spring. If your target sag cannot be achieved with the maximum number of preload spacers, replac
  3. Remove the coil wire from the coil, and hold the 12-volt test light close to, but not touching, the secondary coil tower that the coil wire was plugged into. Turn the ignition to the Start position and watch the coil. A bright spark should jump from the coil tower to the test light
  4. How to remove the vape coil properly? 1. When you unscrew the coil, please pay attention not to screw it at a slant angle. 2. When coil has been used for a long time, you can use dry cloth or paper (with stronger friction) to unscrew if it is not easily unscrewed. FAQ HOME. Shop and Learn. Gram-25; STICK G15 Pod kit
  5. 4 - Strap removal on coils and slit coils The higher the elastic limit of the product, the greater the spring action of the strip tail. The risk increases also when the thickness of the metal increases and/or when the outside diameter of the coil is reduced. Consequently, the operator must stand to the side of the coil in order to cut th
  6. b) Remove the 13 bolts by uniformly and gradually loosening them in the specified order in several passes. c) Remove the 2 center camshaft caps. d) Using a flathead screwdriver with its tip wrapped in protective tape, remove the remaining 2 camshaft caps, as they are applied with seal packing

Jaydess and its effects, after removal, on menstrual cycle

  1. The salvage strategy is usually coil removal from the parent artery in order to avoid thromboembolic vessel occlusion that may lead to a permanent neurological deficit. The retrievable stent used for stent-assisted coiling in intracranial aneurysms and for thrombectomy in acute ischemic stroke, was recently found to be effective in the removal of a migrated coil
  2. Remove the old ignition coil (armature) mounting screws. Disconnect the stop switch wire from the flywheel brake and remove the coil. Attach a replacement coil using mounting screws. Push the coil (armature) away from the flywheel and tighten one screw. Turn the flywheel so the magnets are on the opposite side from the ignition coil (armature
  3. QA1 provides performance shock absorbers, suspension, driveshafts, rod end bearings, ball joints and more for circle track, drag racing, street performance, street rodding and industrial markets
  4. g. How to Change Your Vape Coil Step 1: Expose the Coil. Unscrew the tank from the body of the vape to expose the coil in the center. Then remove the top portion of the tank from the bottom to open the tank and expose the coil

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The only problem is that sometimes these coils short out. They are buried deep within the engine (see below). Normal coil testers will not work because the probe cannot be placed along side the actual coil. To test each coil you need to remove the complete COP from the engine. Since there are 12 of them this will take some time Depending on how rusty or corroded it is, it could take as long as 12 hours. After at least 10 minutes, remove the item and scrub off any leftover rust with a soft-bristled brush. The acidity of the vinegar will eat away at the rust, making it easier to remove. You can also use lemon juice and salt to remove rust and corrosion Inspection. • Unplug the power first. • Remove the 4 bolts from the bottom cover. • Remove the Red and Green lens covers from the top. • Remove the 2 light bulbs. • Remove the 4 screws that hold the ZW top cover on. • Remove the ZW top cover. • Look for the rivets of the Type R core. Figure 2 & Photo 3 Once 15 minutes is up, spray the heating coil with vinegar and watch as it fizzles softly. This technique is great for a more thorough clean if burnt food has been sitting on your stove coils for weeks. You can also scrub the baking soda with your scrubby sponge to break down the tough stains

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Generally speaking, you will need to unscrew the glass tank section from the battery, then empty the tank of any remaining liquid. Then you'll need to unscrew the coil - using a paper towel if. Yocan Coils, Spring Cleaning - Sprucing Up Used. by Paul P. June 04, 2018 Most of today's pen-style vaporizers have disposable coils, don't get me wrong, replacing used up coils probably is the best way to achieve the best results from your vaporizer but what if you're in a position where you can't easily replace or purchase new coils for your vape pen

Mercedes-Benz R129 Ignition Coil Removal - SL500, 500SLSkyla Side Effects Weight Gain – Blog DandkVWVortex

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Step 2 - Remove the coil packs. The 5.7 liter Hemi engine has 16 spark plugs, with eight of the plugs covered by normal spark plug wire boots and the other eight by coil packs. Remove the spark plug wire boots by twisting them slightly, then pull them upwards. You will hear them pop as they break free Remove the iron pole pieces, and clean them up: normally a good once-over with a wire wheel will do the trick. They do not have to be painted. Lay the coils on top of the original coils and match the wires coming off both sides and the middle. You have your wiring diagram in front of you! Insert the iron pole pieces into the center of the coils T-coils. The instrumentation manu-facturer guarded the design details of T-coil circuits as a trade secret for many years [2]. It was only in 1990 that Dennis Feucht, a former Tek-tronix engineer, provided the T-coil design equations in his book [3]. The early T-coil implementations were based on discrete, off-chip induc Voice Coil Impedance as a Function of Frequency and Displacement Mark Dodd1, Wolfgang Klippel2, and Jack Oclee-Brown.3 1 KEF Audio UK (Ltd),Maidstone,Kent,ME15 6QP United Kingdom. Mark.dodd@KEF.com 2 Klippel GmbH, Dresden, 02177, Germany. wklippel@klippel.de 3 KEF Audio UK (Ltd),Maidstone,Kent,ME15 6QP United Kingdom. Jack.oclee-brown@KEF.com ABSTRAC

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Removal 1. Remove front panel as outlined under COVERS & PANELS. 2. Access Intela-Traul relay module at top of cabinet. 3. Remove control box cover as outlined under COVERS & PANELS. F25393 (August 2010) Page 8 of 3 Step 7 - After the coils have been removed, use a spark plug socket to remove the spark plugs, this socket is specially designed to hold and protect the spark plug from damage. Spark Plug Socket Step 8 - Use a ratchet and extension to remove the spark plugs, ensure the socket is completely on the spark plug before removal to avoid damage Refrigerator Condenser Cleaning Coil Brush. Actual retail prices may vary by dealer. MSRP applies to the continental 48 United States and does not include such items as delivery, installation, installation accessories (i.e. range cords), or removal of old appliances Irishhealth.com offers a comprehensive source of health information and up-to-the-minute health news. Includes information on hundreds of common conditions, downloadable health leaflets and forms, video Q&As, rate my hospital and find a doctor tools, and online health discussions

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