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The Nokia Lumia 925 is slimmer and lighter than the Nokia Lumia 920. It also has a more premium build and a slightly improved camera (more on that later) but with the same core specs, less storage.. Internally, the core of the Nokia Lumia 925 is fairly similar to the Lumia 920, but externally it's a completely different proposition. Rather than a chunky, heavy and colourful curvy block of.. The Good Nokia's Lumia 925 has a sleek, slim, partially aluminum build. Its camera takes great shots, especially in low light conditions, and the LTE smartphone comes in at an affordable price. The..

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  1. The Lumia 920 had a gorgeous, if slightly heavy, unibody chassis, and its successor, the Lumia 925 was even lighter and slimmer, shaving 46g off the 920's 185g weight as well as 2mm in thickness,..
  2. I Nokia Lumia 925 tycker jag det märks att Nokia oavsett den diskussionen helt klart gjort det bästa av situationen. I Lumia 925 är det tydligt vilket mervärde man får. Kameran är, som så ofta i Nokias mobiler, huvudnumret, och särskilt då appen Smart Cam
  3. Physically, Nokia's Lumia 925 is a sleek, good-looking, tailored device that proves Nokia is adept at making phones with understated elegance, not just statement pieces. Indeed, Nokia has had a.
  4. We take a look at the Nokia Lumia 925 after some use and share our thoughts. Is it the best Windows Phone yet? Subscribe to our Youtube channel: https://www...

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  1. For more details, check out our web site: http://www.phonearena.com/reviews/Nok...PhoneArena presents a Nokia Lumia 925 video review! Finally, the Windows Ph..
  2. ium frame brings back our first memories of the iPhone 4, while the polycarbonate back feels much like ceramic. The casework is solid, refusing to budge despite our attempts to make it flex. At 139g and 8.5mm, this handset is also noticeably lighter and slimmer than the Nokia 920
  3. Lisa Gade reviews the Nokia Lumia 925 Windows Phone on T-Mobile. The Lumia 925 is a close cousin to the Lumia 920, with a more evolved design that features m..
  4. Software: The Lumia 925 unit we have comes pre-loaded with Nokia Amber update and is as smooth and responsive as we expect a Windows Phone device to be
  5. um frame. The phone application..
  6. The Nokia Lumia 925 makes a fairly good media player, with a big screen for video content and some solid built-in media apps

The Nokia Lumia 925 is something of an oddity. For a phone that is presumably meant to be Nokia's flagship for the masses - as the name would suggest - it's been approached rather conservatively The Nokia Lumia 925 has an 8.7MP snapper. That might be some way south of the 13MP Samsung Galaxy S4, but don't count it out yet. For one thing, it uses Carl Zeiss optics, which should be enough.. Nokia's Lumia range of Windows Phone handsets now runs to twelve models listed at the company's UK website. All except one of these, the recently announced Lumia 1020, sits beneath the Lumia 925. Nokia Lumia 925: Verdict. The Nokia Lumia 925 is by far the best smartphone the brand has made yet, and of course that's the conundrum one always faces when reviewing a Windows Phone 8 handset

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The Nokia Lumia 925 is a fantastic Windows Phone that is now available at AT&T. We've shared our first impressions and unboxing of the Lumia 925 late last week and now we take a little closer look. Buy Now: http://amzn.to/1XcEZSp Subscribe to our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/windowscentral?sub_confirmation=1Follow us on social media:Facebook.. Read HTC One Mini (AT&T) Review The T-Mobile version of the Lumia 925 scored a lackluster 6 hours 50 minutes of talk time on a full charge. We're still testing battery life and will update this..

The Nokia Lumia 925 is a good-looking and well-built Windows Phone, but can't push itself to the top of the smartphone ranks. MSRP $529.99 $153.42 at Amazon PCMag editors select and review products.. The Nokia Lumia 925 is a Windows Phone 8 mobile. Although recent updates to Android have closed the gap between the two systems, Windows is still the snappiest mobile OS around. It is also the most.. More Info Nokia Lumia 925 announced Nokia Lumia 928 for Verizon hands-on Nokia Lumia 920 review It's been just half a year since Nokia revealed its first Windows Phone 8 device, and we've already. The diet has shaved 36g and 2.2mm off the waistline of the Lumia 925. Part of that is the new AMOLED screen, which is thinner than the LCD of the older phone. It has the same basic specs - a 4.5.. The Nokia Lumia 925 is a great looking phone. It's slimmer and lighter than the Nokia Lumia 920, the metal band running around the edge does wonders for it and it's the first phone the Finnish..

In Review: Nokia Lumia 925 Nokias Lumia 925 imponerar på oss trots ett antal brister. Tack vare kameran som fungerar fantastiskt bra i dåliga ljusförhållanden är Lumia 925 en perfekt kompanjon för nattugglor Nokia Lumia 925 Review Nokia is on a roll with Windows Phone 8 - when it comes to filling out its range, anyway. The Finnish company has spent 2013 slotting a Lumia into almost every possible gap.. Och Lumia 925 utlovar även den kamerakvalitet utöver det vanliga. En för Nokia ovanligt avrundad form är det som först utmärker Lumia 925. Framsidan ser mer bekant ut. Konstruktion Om vi börjar med det yttre är det en hel del som har förändrats. Kanterna upptill och nertill är nu mjukt avrundade och består av hopfogade metallstycken Trusted Reviews awarded the Lumia 925 a score of 8/10, with reviewer Andrew Williams praising the phone's build quality and camera performance. The display was found to be near-pin sharp despite the PenTile layout, and the review also highlighted Nokia's solutions to typical AMOLED problems like ghosting and oversaturation I picked up the Nokia Lumia 925 on launch day and was instantly pleased with the aesthetics and general feel of the device. It's light and comfortable to hold in the hand

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67% Review: Nokia Lumia 925 Source: PC Authority Overall, the Nokia Lumia 925 is a capable, high-end smartphone that's enjoyable to use The Nokia Lumia 925 unit used in this review was kindly provided by MobiCity.Check them out for the latest smartphones unlocked and off-contract. Desig The Nokia Lumia 925 was announced May 14, 2013. Running Windows Phone 8 and powered by a 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor with 1GB RAM, the camera features a conventional 8.7 MP CMOS sensor, a F2.0 lens and optical image stabilization. The lens gains an extra element, and is now a 6-element design The Lumia 925 is a slimmer and lighter Windows Phone 8 handset than its 920 predecessor, with a neater and more ergonomic design. It lacks integrated wireless charging but supports LTE and NFC. The Lumia 925 is supremely comfortable to hold and its aluminum finish is beautiful. Nokia's apps are highly useful. They focus on camera and maps features, both of which are lacking in Windows..

Nokia Lumia 925 review . Updated: September 03, 2013 15:36 IST. The Nokia Lumia 925 is Nokia's latest flagship phone. It improves upon the Lumia 920 and packs all its features into a brand new. Call quality on the Nokia Lumia 925 is just as good as it was on the Nokia Lumia 920 The Nokia Lumia 925 comes with HERE Maps, which is Nokia's own mapping solution. It's a pretty good offering, with options to get directions, view traffic data, public transport information or a..

Nokia has gone to town on the Lumia 925's camera in a big way though, and the results make it one of the best imaging phones of the year, if not the best. Basic performance is outstanding despite a fairly modest 8.7-megapixel count, with snaps beautifully detailed and full of natural color Neowin. Andy Weir's review of the Nokia Lumia 925 throws in an unboxing for good measure, with lots of hands-on photos. He brings to attention the AMOLED screen and the fact that it's HD, providing beautiful colours, with crisp fonts and images

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Nokia Lumia 925 camera review - shot at ISO 1250 - click for full-size crop. Another point to make is that the 4.5-inch 1280 x 768 resolution OLED screen - that's 2,949k-dots,. Review of the Nokia Lumia 925. Ever fancy a Lumia? Meet the Lumia 925, Nokia's thinnest Lumia ever build. Based on the world's most innovative Lumia 920 smartphone that packs a punch of hardware such as NFC, wireless charging, and optical image stabilized PureView camera, & a touch screen works with gloves The Nokia Lumia 925 features a tried-and-true Windows Phone chipset: the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 MSM8960 with a 1.5 GHz dual-core Krait CPU, Adreno 225 GPU and a dual-channel LPDDR2 memory controller Nokia Lumia 925 review: Take Five Take Five. GSMArena team, 19 July 2013. Controls. The Microsoft requirements for a Windows Phone mean there's little variation in terms of controls across the product range. The Nokia Lumia 925 is no exception. It has three capacitive keys below.

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Nokia Lumia 925 ⭐ review. Discover the key facts and see how Nokia Lumia 925 performs in the smartphone ranking The Nokia Lumia 925 is an update to the Nokia Lumia 920, and features a new slim aluminium body, an 8.7 Megapixel PureView camera with six Carl Zeiss lenses, optical image stabilisation and a 4.5. Since Nokia didn't provide one with the Lumia 925 that they loaned to us for review, we purchased one separately for £25 ($39 / €29 - local pricing may vary) Nokia Lumia 925 review: Take Five Take Five. GSMArena team, 19 July 2013. Photos integrates with SkyDrive. The Photos hub is also pretty much the same as we left it in Windows phone 7.5. You can set a single photo as a background for the hub (it used to be the last photo viewed. The Lumia 925 is Nokia's attempt to deviate from the usual Lumia design principle. The Nokia Lumia 920 weighs 185gm and is 10.7mm thin while the Nokia Lumia 925 weighs just 139g and is 8.5mm thin. Before moving on, you cna also read our review of the Lumia 920 here just so you have a better perspective

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Nokia's $100 Lumia 928 for Verizon promises top Windows Phone specs, including an 8.7-megapixel camera with a truly powerful flash In-depth review of the Nokia Lumia 925 (Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8960, Qualcomm Adreno 225, 4.5 inches, 0.1 kg) with numerous measurements, benchmarks and evaluation Nokia Lumia 925 är snarlik föregångaren Lumia 920 med den stora skillnaden att den är mycket tunnare. Det som försvunnit i bantningen är induktionsladdning och halva minnesmängden (nu 16GB istället för 32) samt att IPS-skärmen bytts ut mot AMOLED. Kameran är på 8,7 megapixlar Nokia Lumia 925 is a Windows phone with 8.7MP main camera and 1.23 MP front camera. Lumia 925 features a 4.5 sized AMOLED screen with 768 x 1280 pixels. Nokia released Lumia 925 to market in 2013. Nokia Lumia 925 has an Overall Score of 50/100 and ranked #13 out of 54 in Windows phones, and ranked #1550 out of 2026 in all smartphones I belong to Namakkal. My name is k. Parthiban. Nokia Lumia 925 Windows smartphone for the past four years. Suddenly, the mobile phone was broken off the past two weeks. When we were given a Nokia Care call in Namakkal, we were advised to bring Salem. If you go there, the motherboard is broken

Nokia has put more effort into making the Nokia Lumia 925 sound good through headphones. In the Settings menu you'll find a seven-band equaliser and access to a Dolby Headphone mode Nokia Lumia 925 Review Page 4 : Camera: Nokia's stronghold By Tim Schiesser on August 5, 2013 80. TechSpot score. Most Read. History of the Modern Graphics Processor, Part 5. 19. Nokia Lumia 925 Review. By Sherri L. Smith 16 September 2013. Our Verdict. The Nokia Lumia 925 offers stunning looks, a great camera and impressive 4G LTE speeds for an affordable price Review: Nokia Lumia 925. By Kunal Khullar On Sep 28, 2013 Last updated Sep 28, 2013. Share. Nokia has been trying its level best to sustain in the smartphone market for a long time but reports.

Nokia Lumia 925 review; Nokia Lumia 925 review. News. Rajat Agrawal; Updated: August 26, 2013 9:32 AM IST. Especificações do celular Nokia Lumia 925, ficha técnica completa, características detalhadas, preço, review e avaliação. Tudo sobre o celular

The Lumia 925 is an aluminium-edge 8.5mm body with polycarbonate back and integrated antenna. At 4.5 inches, the AMOLED WXGA (1280x768) screen is the same size as the Lumia 920 and is protected by a curved piece of Gorilla Glass 2. The device also features wireless charging (with an accessory cover) and LTE connectivity The Nokia Lumia 925 is, hands-down, the best Windows Phone 8 device we've laid our hands on. It's fast, sports a fantastic display and the physical design is much improved - albeit with some sacrifices. In terms of camera quality the 925 can go toe-to-toe with any smartphone on the market The Nokia Lumia 925 is one of the most stylish smartphones on the market. The phone appears to be Nokia's direct response to criticism of the previous Lumia 920, which we found a little too thick and heavy despite its fantastic camera.The Lumia 925 is much thinner and is the first Lumia device to use a largely aluminum case

I Nokia Lumia 925 tycker jag det märks att Nokia oavsett den diskussionen tydligt gjort det bästa av situationen. I Lumia 925 är det tydligt vilket mervärde man får. Kameran är som så ofta i Nokias mobiler huvudnumret och särskilt då appen Smart Cam These are, unfortunately, the things that will convince most people that the Lumia 925 has a worthy camera, rather than the techier aspects that relate more closely to picture quality. The flagship.. Telefonen är inte längre en solid aluminiumbit som de bättre Lumia-lurarna länge varit. På 925:an är hela bakstycket en matt plastbit. Det gör att luren inte är så onödigt tung som tidigare The phone feels different from the Lumia 920 as the 920 is glossy through out the case but this 925 has a sort of matte feel to the back. The feel is good, the screen is baby skin smooth but the sides of the phone is of a curved and smooth finish and it tends to feel like it's slipping from my grip

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Nokia Lumia 925 Review. November 1, 2013 January 16, 2016; Mobile Phones, Portable, Reviews; Nokia Lumia 925. The Lumia 925 appears to be an incremental update addressing most of the 920's complaints. The first thing you will notice is that the heavy polycarbonate shell has been replaced with a lighter aluminium one Comparing the Lumia 925's battery life to other phones in a media playback test (phone in airplane mode, 75% brightness, looping 720p video, sound off) reveals this phone performs alongside a. Lumia 925 är ett av alternativen och jag funderar på den. Kommer jag som Androidanvändare gilla den? Det som jag tror jag kommer sakna är att kunna SMSa och ringa via datorn med Myphoneexplorer, finns det inget sätt att göra det med Lumia 925 The Lumia 925, as it is officially known, is Nokia's latest flagship smartphone running Windows Phone 8 and it is hard to say which it exemplifies the most: a solid performance smartphone, sleek. Nokia Lumia 925 Review - A Worthy and Needed Facelift for the 920 Once Nokia's flagship smartphone, Lumia 920 was replaced after only several months. Although handset makers usually bring a new..

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Nokia Lumia 925 se individualizează față de alte telefoane din categoria de top prin forma rectangulară, colțurile ușor rotunjite. Pot spune că Lumia 925 este cel mai ergonomic smartphone cu Windows Phone 8 dintre cele testate până acum și lista este destul de mare de la Lumia 520, 620, 720, 820, 920 și până la HTC 8X și HTC 8S Nokia Lumia 925 review: Conclusion So is the Nokia Lumia 925 just a refresh of the 920 - on paper yes. In practice though, its thinner profile and better battery life help stand above its. The Nokia Lumia 925 is essentially a slimmer, lighter Lumia 920 with a marginally improved camera. It's a brilliant all-round Lumia phone that's perfect for shutterbugs, but those of you wanting specs that challenge the Galaxy S4 or HTC One will be left wanting

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Nokia Lumia 925 Review The Nokia Lumia 925 for AT&T is one of Microsoft's' latest smartphone offerings. It runs the Windows Phone 8 (soon to be 8.1) operating system, features a 4.5″ AMOLED display, snaps 8.7 megapixel photos with a PureView camera and is encased in a solid aluminum chassis Full camera review of Lumia 925 is coming up with sample shots, video recording comparison with Galaxy S III. We'll give a link here too. Power Performance: Very first thing to tell about is that Nokia Lumia 925 packs a battery that is not user removable or replaceable. You need to take it to care center for such a reason Nokia Lumia 925 review: first look Jonathan Bray Jon has been tinkering with tech since the days when 128KB was a lot of storage, and games took 20 minutes to load via tape cassette

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Nokia views the Lumia 925 as a new interpretation of the Lumia 920 (review), rightfully so seeing that the device is basically a Lumia 920 in a thinner, lighter and slightly more premium frame.Is it a worthy contender in the modern smartphone space? The company's latest smartphone reduces the bulky 920's all-polycarbonate frame (10.7 mm; 185 g) to a much more manageable (8.5 mm; 139. In concluzie, Nokia Lumia 925 este un telefon bun, elegant si rafinat, care se misca excelent si are o camera foto buna. Este candidatul ideal pentru inlocuitorul unui telefon cu Android. Telefonul se gaseste la Orange, fara contract, la pretul de 439 de euro, un pret bun, sau la abonament la preturi incepand de la 59 de euro The Verge have posted their full review of the new Nokia Lumia 925. In a review that is filled as much with complaints as plaudits, Tom Warren notes the sleek design solves much of the issues of the Nokia Lumia 920, but that there is more concerns about build quality, with some flexing of the case in the back Du behöver ett Nokia-skal för trådlös laddning CC-3065, där Qi-logotypen är tryckt på insidan, för att trådlös laddning ska fungera. Skalet kan finnas med i förpackningen eller så säljs det separat. Använd bara originalskal för trådlös laddning från Nokia Nokia is taking to the stage today, and announced the Lumia 925, a pretty metal-rimmed Windows Phone 8 device, which was long-rumored under the Catwalk codename. We've got a 4.5 1280x768 pixels HD AMOLED display with the ClearBlack filter, which Nokia said is its brightest OLED used to date, and can be operated with gloves

Nokia Lumia 925 Review Page 2 : Display, Software By Tim Schiesser on August 5, 2013 80. TechSpot score. Most Read. 42 comments.. Nokia Lumia 925 review. Nokia isn't afraid to tinker with its Windows Phone 8 flagship Read on to find out if the Lumia 925 has done enough to elevate Nokia to the highest ranks of smartphone superstardom or if the additions and omissions will just leave you confused over which Lumia to go for Nokia Lumia 920 was one of the first phones to focus on camera and especially the low light photography. The Lumia 925 is an improvement over the Lumia 920 in many aspects. Firstly the Lumia 925 comes with a 6 lens layout compared to the 5 lens layout in Lumia 920 Nokia Lumia 925 Review. Zigzagtactless. Follow. 6 years ago | 12 views. Nokia Lumia 925 Review. Report. Browse more videos. Browse more videos. Playing next. If your Lumia 925 has problems and is still within its warranty period, you could contact Nokia support or the retailer you purchased the phone from. You'll find Nokia's contact information here . If your phone is off warranty and needs repair for a physical problem such as a broken screen or bad battery, you should visit an authorized service centre or a local phone repair shop

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Reviews related to Nokia Lumia 925. 08.01.2014 Generally, a well-made device A successful model, a good design, smart solutions and... a weak battery - this way, in a few words, I could sum up Nokia Lumia 925 Nokia Lumia 925 technische daten, preis, meinungen, review, vergleiche. Nokia Lumia 925 ist ein Smartphone aus dem Jahr 2013. Es ist 129 x 70.6 x 8.5 mm und wiegt 139 g. Es verfügt über ein AMOLED-Display mit einer Größe von 4.5 Zoll. Die Auflösung beträgt 768 x 1280 und 332 ppi Pixeldichte El Lumia 925 está regido por Windows Phone 8 que al iniciar nos da la bienvenida con sus llamativas y coloridas teselas típicas. Es muy fluido y en sentido general funciona perfectamente, se trata de un sistema operativo que hay que llegar a conocer en algún momento y escudriñarlo para llegar a apreciar todo lo que ofrece Nokia updates its Lumia range with an AMOLED display and slim-line design- but is it enough to tackle the Galaxy S4 The Lumia 925 runs Windows Phone 8 with Nokia's Amber update, on the same dual-core, 1.5GHz Qualcomm S4 processor we've been seeing in Windows phones since last year. Performance, unsurprisingly.

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Review—Nokia Lumia 925. Nokia announced the Lumia 925 back in May at an event in London. The Lumia 925 was announced as a successor to the first flagship phone Lumia 920. The Lumia 925 also addresses the issues and also looks into the improvement areas of Lumia 920 especially with respect to the thickness and weight Nokia Lumia 925: klem tussen toekomst en verleden. De Lumia 925 is de dunnere en lichtere opvolger van de bekende Lumia 920 en krijgt een eigen opvolger in de vorm van de 930 Overall, the Nokia Lumia 925 ranks sixth in Mobile ratings, making it a strong performer, particularly with stills. But, even when used for video capture, coming third overall with a score of 69/100, it's certainly no slouch

The Nokia Smart Camera that the Lumia 925 will come to the 920 too in a future update being called Amber. Overall, from what we've seen so far, the Nokia Lumia 925 is a flagship phone that. Nokia Lumia 925 best price is Rs. 19994 as on 18th April 2021. See full specifications, expert reviews, user ratings, and more. Compare Nokia Lumia 925 prices before buying online Nokia Australia has kindly supplied a 16GB Black Lumia 925 to us to complete this review. Phones from Nokia have traditionally been quite popular in Australia since the introduction of the. Nokia Lumia 925 review Jonathan Bray Jon has been tinkering with tech since the days when 128KB was a lot of storage, and games took 20 minutes to load via tape cassette Nokia Lumia 920 är en Windows Phone-baserad smarttelefon som presenterades den 5 september 2012 av Nokia. Den lanserades i Sverige den 29 november 2012. Nokia Lumia 920 är tillsammans med Nokia Lumia 820 bolagets första mobil med Windows Phone 8.0 som operativsystem. I maj 2013 presenterade Nokia en något omgjord variant kallad Lumia 925 som fick säljstart den 15 augusti 2013 i Sverige

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